Inspired by traditional knowledge

Normally, the value of a crop is found in some of its parts, be it the fruit, the wood or other characteristics. In the case of Pinus pinea, the economic value of this specimen is incalculable.

R & D & I

The pinion of the stone pine is a highly appreciated product whose consumption is increasing due to its nutritional properties and exquisite flavor, despite the difficulties in increasing its production. At present, considerable resources and time are devoted to the research, development and innovation of this tree. After several decades of trials, a series of genotypes with outstanding pine nut production have been defined, and progress is being made in the development of techniques specific cultivation methods for Pinus pinea.



Holistic approach with sustainable development in mind

Our values ​​and adaptability

Our values ​​are very important for the company, clients must feel honesty, professionalism and ingenuity in each project or study that they put in our hands. We adapt to the needs and demands of each client.

Qualified Human Resources

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The protection of the environment is one of our main premises, to which we dedicate all our efforts to develop more efficient and sustainable projects and solutions, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.